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Kiss My Astin

Sean Astin Icons

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Maintained by tammygirl and renoir_girl.


If you make icons, you are welcome to join and post your Sean Astin Themed Icons.

Several icons are available in initial posts by the moderators. These icons were posted previously in other journals such as lotr_icons. Full credit has been given in the filenames.

Rules for icon posts:

1. Each icon must feature Sean Astin. (Not just the back of his shoulder or some part of his foot along with a different actor.)

2. If you post more than three icons, do use an LJ cut, but in text outside the cut please describe the icons that are under the cut. (example: "under the cut are icons from Return of the King using "Into the West" lyrics as text" or "under the cut are icons using this same base but with different colorization schemes")

3. If you plan to take down your icons, please notify the community moderators first so we can archive the icons (with appropriate credit) for others to continue to choose from.

Rules for taking icons:
1. Always always always right-click-save-as or import directly into your own LJ icons.
2. Credit at least where requested.
3. Always comment to let the icon's creator know you liked the work and will be making use of it.

Icon requests will be allowed.

Links Check the following links for screencaps and other pictures from which to make icons:
http://www.sean-astin.net/gallery/ - SANet: It'll blow your mind.
http://sean-astin.net/undonetwo/thumbnails.php?album=34 - Caps from the ROTK Extended Edition trailer
http://www.neville-sam.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=16 - caps from television event, "Dinner for Five"